hail satan

hail the great god lucifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   powerul magick , satanic gods of hell, satanism , occult science, occultism, dark paganism, etc etc

new shit all the time!!!!!


about your humble author…

i was raised in a left wing liberal household, although fundamentally athiestic my mother taught me how to view the world spiritualy…. no gods…. but spirits ghosts, esp, telekinisis, the vedas, etc…  so i believed in godS… so naturally i became a wiccan… i learned magick and meditation well enough , but i was faithless because no god (or goddess for that matter) felt right… nothing genuine. then i said fuck it, and even though it was cliche i turned to satan…. and he answered i gave up the wiccan moniker in favor of dark priesthood.

so there i was i made a pact, emersed my self in the dark arts, and in ancient grimiors….    i hung out with a ONA tribe… but i started with Joy of Satan and progressed into lucifarian thought of  Michael Ford , hindu spiritualism, yezidist scripture, and occult science and philosophy….


this is who i am…. its as cool as it is sad….

im the fucking wiz kid…



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