In the beginning we were a vacuum of nothingness. At least not here…

then from another place and another time a being of unknowable origin and power ran into this nothingness in sorrow…

he was brought in sorrow and he left in sorrow, but as he sat sobbing in the void…

he cried out, roar and song , all the same…

from this tearful song the universe was made… the blank slate were all lives…

this being saw the trouble he had caused but had no desire to dwell here any longer.

So he cut off his left hand… who would become Lucifer…

then he cut off his right hand whom became Zeus or YHWH, as the Hebrews named him so….

the old being became bored and left ….

for a time the brothers ruled in peace…

Lucifer allowed truth to pass through him as water through air. And with this knowledge conceptualized sex, magick, writing, science, etc, etc, but most of all Lucifer taught Zeus to make humans by mixing the blood of primates and gods….

But Zeus in all his might… was jealous of Lucifer’s knowledge and wisdom…

Zeus tried tricking Lucifer into staying on his throne as the prince of light, the sun god, through flattery of course…

but Lucifer is wise and went to earth and saw the pain the jealous thunder god had caused…(and still does to this day)

….Jehovah would use us as slaves….

Lucifer gave fire to the humans so they could live without the graces of Zeus..

Zeus was enraged and declared war on Lucifer…

Lucifer rallied the gods whom came from the drops of blood of the brother hands

among the seven princes whom Lucifer was first and foremost

* Lucifer-the snake angel, spirit of air and fire.
* Mammon – Greed, the god of merchants and thieves
* Asmodeus – Lust, Love, Hate, the god of primal passions
* Belial – Wrath, the spirit of earth

*Beelzebub – Gluttony, god second only to Lucifer
* Leviathan – Envy, spirit of water
* Belphegor – Sloth, inventor of the gods


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