Knot Spell : Curse

Tie and knot every time reciting the cure and putting a black feather in the knot,
For best results put the knot under the victims mattress.


Black Magic Revenge Spell

Ivory (vanilla scented) candle
Sandalwood oil
Black Ribbon
Aloeswood incense sticks

Wrap a black ribbon around an Ivory (vanilla) scented candle. Add to it a few drops of sandalwood oil.

Light the candle. Light the bottom end of the ribbon. Put in Aloeswood incense sticks into the molten wax. Pin as many sticks as the revenge, saying aloud the revenge each time you plant it.

Sing the spell,
“Vicious venom thou do deserve
In your dreams may it come alive?
May slumber evade your tired soul?
And in vengeance my heart thrive
The coils of my ambitions
Shall grasp you by the throat
As you plead and bleat
Like a sacrificial goat”.

As the spell progresses, the revenge will begin to take shape. Concentrate on the person you intend to carry out the spell on. Do not think of any thing else. Try and enter the mind of your victim and attack it with this spell. Do be careful however not to let your mind be open to other mind games as this sorcery can make it susceptible to that. Once you are sure you have captured the mind of your subject perform the spell with even more vigour than before.



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