elemental power

to get the powers of the elements

you need 3 white candels put them in a shape of the triquatra
sit in the middle light 2 insense sticks i francensense other sandlewood
light a red pillar candel and over it with the insense sticks draw the triquatra 3 times the first time say
“i call on the elements of fire water wind and earth come here know in this place”
second time say”in this time and in this space ”
third say”i call thou here now”
sit in the circle and in your minds eye see the elements in balls hitting you quickley then say
“i call on the ancient powers of tht elements
i call thee to thy watchtower near
i invoke they
i invoke they
i invoke they
let my powers fly through the air and let them settle here”
say that 3 times
then blow out the candels while saying this
“luck is quick luck is fast
so let thou luck run through my veins good luck came my way”
say for every candle and dont blow out the candels try puting your hand over it

please let me know how all ye get on blessed be


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