sleep spell

spell for sleep
By: Love Spellcaster

If a problem-ridden day has left you too nervous to sleep one night, brew a tea from
thyme and basil leaves. (One teaspoon each of the leaves, steeped in a cup of boiling
water.) Drink it, piping hot, before going to bed. This tea relieves the cares of a troubled
For a full-blown case of insomnia, put a head of lettuce into a blender and reduce it to a
liquid. Gently rub this on your forehead and temples for a few minutes before going to
bed. If you still can’t sleep, liquefy another head of lettuce the next night, but drink it this
If you have nightmares, take the stockings you’ve worn during the day and cross the
legs to form an X. At the point where the stockings cross, thread in a silver (or silver
colored) pin, and hang the stockings at the foot of your bed before you go to sleep. If
your nightmares are persistent, try this very strong, but rather inconvenient, ritual. Put a
black blanket, sheets and pillowcases on your bed. Turn out the lights before you
undress; change into a black nightgown and quietly slip into bed. In theory, the night
demons that plague you won’t be able to find you in all that blackness.


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