Soul Transformation

Demonic power gaining ritual

This ritual is one of blood so be careful and don’t do it unless you are ready for the kind of power this will bring. To perform this ritual you must have;

1 pentagram
1 pentacle
1 red candle
1 black candle
1 white candle
1 brown candle
1 one candle of any other color doesn’t matter

First draw your pentagram on something doesn’t matter. Next draw your pentacle on something. Then put in your pocket. Next place the in order from left to right the candle you picked should end up on the lowest point of the pentagram. Next put a little bit of your blood in the center of the pentagram then burn the candles until some wax is on the pentagram. Then extinguish the candles leave it be until 5 full moons have passed then stand by it and say

” sir azazel grant me the energy of one your brethren so I may walk the path of shadows and keep both light and darkness into my body, mind, aura, and soul”

Once this is done meditate under the largest tree you can find near a body of water or if in the city go into the most private area and concentrate on the powers you want. Only do this for 3 hours no more no less so keep a timer set.

But be careful you might find yourself under a curse that causes terrible nightmares even in the day to rectify just take a bath with a white candle light and some rosemary incense burning.


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