summon a spirit, ghost, etc…

Spell to Summon a Spirit

A round red cloth
Stray Goat hair
Black candles
Purple scented candles

Draw a perfect circle 50 centimetres in diameter on sand. Place a round red cloth of any size in the centre. Sprinkle stray goat hair on it.

Place black and purple (cinnamon) scented candles around the cloth. Light them. Walk around it four times leaving behind footprints. Ensure that no footprint is erased from the sand. At the end of the fourth circle, raise hands up in the air, close eyes and say the following,

“Beyond life and death I stretch my hand,
Bring back the deceased to this earth, to this land.
Follow the footsteps I lay right here,
Float down to me through the fickle sand.”

Don’t perform this spell on any night other than a new moon night. The spirits are said to be the strongest around this time and one or the other can be easily summoned. Do not underestimate the power of the spirit so please make sure you concentrate on collecting your thoughts together properly. Do not run or be afraid of a spirit. To make it leave simply say
“As I repeat this new verse,
I undo this holy curse”


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