voodoo curse

Cast a Voodoo Curse on someone

Incense sticks
Black candles
Black kohl
And an object belonging to the person in question.

Apply some black kohl to your eyes. And some beneath your eyes as well. Make a doll out of the mud . It does not have to look perfectly like a miniature replica of the person but a close contrast is desired. Now cover the doll with a cloth. If you wish to dress the doll up its fine. Light the black candles near the doll and place the doll in the middle of the circle of candles. Now light the incense sticks and place them in a ball of mud. Let them burn and spread the smell around. Take the sticks and make a cross next to the doll. Place the object that belongs t the person or has been touched by them at the centre of the cross. Now chant the following lines and prick the pins into the doll. This will ascertain that the person in question has been suitably enchanted.

“as I drive pins into this doll
may the man feel the pain
the man in flesh and blood
the man in vain”


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