The Realms

Realms are the “other world(s)” they are differant because they were made differant, made AT differant times, forged with differant materials, etc, is a complex system of multiple planes and enclosures interconnected with our own. They met in what is known as the Ginnungapap “the yawning void.”

other realms…

Midgard-  earth and the surrounding areas. this is we live…. you are here…

heaven – jahovas fortress

HEL- home of  Lucifer and the LETTOW, home to the dead and the pagan spirits…spirits of the dead may pass through here or choose to stay..

JotunHiem- hall of the demonLords

Valhalla- (“Hall of the Slain”)  the home for those slain gloriously in battle, who are welcomed by Bragi and escorted to Valhalla by the Valkyries.

Álfheim –(Old Norse Álfheimr – ‘Elf home’) is the realm of the Álfar ‘Elves’. It was sometimes called “Ljossalfheim“: “the home of the bright elves”. It was thought of as a place of great beauty, as were its inhabitants.

Svartalfheim- is the land of the svartálfar (“black elves” – the light elves lived in LjossAlfheim) or dökkálfar (“dark elves”)




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