the seven fold way

A Complete Guide To The Seven-Fold Sinister Way

from : Order of Nine Angles


The Seven-Fold Sinister Way is the name given to the system of training used by traditional ONA nexions – that is, by those esoteric groups which use a sinister (LHP) Initiatory system based on The Dark Tradition (aka Hebdomary). It is the learning of The Art of Dark Sorcery, by individual Occultists, and thus is the graded and guided practice of The Dark Arts.

The Way is an individual one: each stage, of the seven stages that make the Way, is achieved by the individual as a result of their own effort. To reach a particular stage, requires considerable effort by the individual, who works mostly on their own.

One aim of the Way is to create Sinister individuals – that is, to train individuals in The Dark Arts. This sinister training developes individual character, esoteric (or Occult) skills and self-insight. The individual also acquires genuine esoteric knowledge and that genuine understanding that is the beginning of wisdom.

The Way itself enables any individual to achieve genuine esoteric (Occult) Adeptship  – and beyond – and thus fulfil the potential latent within them, and thus they can and do enhance their life, and come to know and then achieve their unique Destiny.

The Way is essentially practical – involving experiences in the real world, and ordeals, as well as the completion of difficult, challenging tasks. It also involves a practical mastery of all forms of sorcery. The Way requires a sincere and genuine commitment, and it is both difficult and very dangerous. Success depends on this commitment by the individual.

The Way is divided into seven stages, and these mark a specific level of individual achievement. The stages are: Neophyte; Initiate; External Adept; Internal Adept; Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth [ or “Lady Master”]; Grand Master/Grand Mistress [ or “Grand Lady Master”]; Immortal. Sometimes, Initiates are described, or known, as “novices”; Internal Adepts as Priest/Priestess; a Grand Master as a Magus, and a Grand Mistress as a Magistra.

All of these stages (with the exception of the stages beyond Master/Mistress) are associated with specific tasks, ordeals, rituals and so on, and a completion of each and all of these (given in detail below under the appropriate stage) is required before the next stage can be attempted. Also, each stage involves the individual in a certain amount of reading and study of Order manuscripts/texts  [hereafter “manuscripts” is abbreviated as MSS, and “manuscript” as MS ]. The purpose of this reading and study is to provide a sinister, esoteric, understanding of the tasks, ordeals, rituals and so on of the particular stage being attempted. Each stage represents a development of and in the individual – of their personality, their skills, their understanding, their knowledge and insight.

Before embarking on the first stage – that of sinister Initiation – the individual who desires to follow the dark path of traditional sorcery should gain some understanding of what The Sinister Way is. To this end, the following Order MSS should be read:

* A Brief Guide to The Esoteric Philosophy of The Order of Nine Angles
* A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms (v 2.01)
* The Dark Arts of The Sinister Way
* Our Sinister Character
* An Introduction to Dark Sorcery

An Important Note Regarding Copies of Naos

Facsimile copies (in pdf format) of the original typewritten and spiral bound copies of Naos (as first circulated by the ONA between 1989 and 1992 CE) are now available, both on the Internet, and from several book publishers. All other editions of Naos have serious errors or omissions, and readers are advised to avoid them. The genuine facsimile copies in pdf format are c. 45 Megabytes in size, and contain: (1) the handwritten words Aperiatur Terra Et Germinet Atazoth on the first page, and the handwritten word Brekekk (followed by an address) on the last page; (2) a typewritten table of contents on page 3 which includes – in the following order – Part One, Part Two, Appendix, Part Three Esoteric MSS; (3) a distinct facsimile image of the spiral binding on the left hand side of every page until p.70. In addition, genuine copies of the original MSS include facsimile images of hand-drawn diagrams, including the advanced Star Game, and The Wheel of Life.

I – Neophyte

The first task of a neophyte [the word means “a beginner; a new convert”] is to obtain copies of the various Order MSS which will be needed. These include: (1) Naos – A Guide to Becoming an Adept; and (2) The Grimoire of Baphomet, Dark Goddess. The neophyte also needs to understand the fundamental concepts of magick, such as “causal” and “acausal” and here a study of the following Order MSS is useful: (a) Chapters 0 and I of Naos; (b) Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.
The second task of a neophyte is to undertake the “secret task” appropriate to this first stage. This task is a necessary prelude to sinister Initiation [ the task is detailed in the MS “The Secret Tasks of the Sinister Way”, which is included as an Appendix to this present work].
The third task of a neophyte is to undertake a ritual of Initiation. If you are in contact with a traditional nexion or group, this can be a Ceremonial ritual. If you are working alone, or the group you are in contact with suggest it, it can be a Hermetic one of “Self-Initiation”, as given in detail in the Order MS Naos. There is no difference between a Ceremonial Initiation, and a Hermetic Self-Initiation.
The fourth and final task of this stage involves the new Initiate in constructing and learning to play, The Star Game, details of which are given in the Order MS Naos.

II – Initiate

1) Study the Septenary System in detail [Naos] and begin hermetic magickal workings with the septenary spheres and pathways as described in Naos. Write a personal “magickal diary” about these workings. Study and begin to use the Sinister Tarot [copies of the Sinister Tarot, and study notes, are available from the ONA].

2) Undertake hermetic workings/rituals for specific personal desires/personal requests of your own choosing, as described in Naos. Record these, and the results, if any, in your magickal diary.

3) Set yourself one very demanding physical goal, train and achieve or surpass that goal. [Examples of minimum standards are, for men: walking thirty-two miles in less than seven hours in hilly terrain; running twenty miles in hilly terrain in less than two and a half hours. Cycling one hundred miles in under five and a half hours. For women, the acceptable minimum standards are: walking twenty-seven miles in hilly terrain in less than seven hours; running twenty miles in hilly terrain in less than three hours; cycling one hundred miles in under six and one quarter hours.]

4) Seek and find someone of the opposite sex to be your ‘magickal’ companion and sexual partner [or of the same sex if you incline that way], and introduce this person to The Dark Tradition. Initiate them according to the rite in Naos, or devise your own rite of Initiation (which should culminate in sexual intercourse with your partner). Undertake the path and sphere workings with this partner.

5) Obtain and study (a) the Order MS Eulalia, Dark Daughter of Baphomet; and (b) the Order MS The Deofel Quartet]. A guide to this MS is given in the MSS The Deofel Quartet – Responses and Critical Analysis and The Deofel Quartet – A Satanic Analysis. [Note: Part I and Part II of the Deofel Quartet are intended as entertaining sinister fiction.]

6) Undertake an ‘Insight Role’ [see the Secret Tasks MS [appended below] and the MS An Introduction to Insight Roles (119yf edition)]. This Insight Role is the Secret Task of this stage.

7) After completion of your Insight Role, undertake the Grade Ritual of External Adept, given in Naos.

The stage of Initiation can last – depending on the commitment of the Initiate – from six months to a year. Occasionally, it lasts two years.

Understanding Initiation:

Sinister Initiation is the awakening of the darker/sinister/unconscious aspects of the psyche, and of the inner (often repressed) and latent personality/character of the Initiate. It is also a personal commitment, by the Initiate, to the path of dark sorcery. The dark, or sinister, energies which are used/unleashed are symbolized by the symbols/forms of the Septenary System, and these symbols are used in the workings with the septenary spheres and pathways. These magickal workings provide a controlled, ritualized, or willed, experience of these dark energies or “forces” – and this practical experience begins the process of objectifying and understanding such energies, and thus these aspects of the psyche/personality of the Initiate. The Star Game takes this process of objectification further, enabling a complete and rational understanding – divorced from conventional “moral opposites”.

The physical goal which an Initiate must achieve developes personal qualities such as determination, self-discipline, élan. It enhances the vitality of the Initiate, and balances the inner magickal work.

The seeking and finding of a magickal companion begins the confrontation/understanding of the anima/animus (the female/male archetypes which exist in the psyche and beyond) in a practical way, and so increases self-understanding via direct experience. It also enables further magickal work to be done, of a necessary type.

An Insight Role developes real sinister character in the individual; it is a severe test of the resolve, Sinister commitment and personality of the Initiate. The Grade Ritual which completes the stage of Initiation (and which leads to the next stage) is a magickal act of synthesis.

III – External Adept


1) Organize a magickal, and Sinister, group/nexion/magickal Temple. You must recruit members for this Nexion, and teach them about The Dark Tradition of the ONA. With your companion (or another one if personal circumstances have changed) you must Initiate these members according a ceremonial ritual of your own devising, for which you may use texts such as The Grimoire of Baphomet and The Black Book of Satan for inspiration and some guidance. In addition, you must perform ceremonial rituals on a regular basis. In this Nexion/Temple, you will be the officiating Priest/Priestess, with your partner acting as the Priestess/Priest. Regular Sunedrions should be held, as detailed, for instance, in the Black Book of Satan, as you should regularly perform rituals, both hermetic and ceremonial, for the satisfaction of your own desires and those of your members. You should run this Temple for between six and eighteen months, as you should write and use your own Black Book of ceremonial rituals, with some help from the members of your group, if possible, in the writing of this work, and with all rituals firmly based on the non-Magian dark, septenary, tradition of the ONA, and you should use this work of yours in preference to using published works such as the Black Book of Satan.

2) Train for and undertake all three of the following different and demanding physical tasks – the minimum standards (for men) are: (a) walking thirty-two miles, in hilly terrain, in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 30 lbs; (b) running twenty-six miles in four hours; (c) cycling two hundred or more miles in twelve hours. [Those who have already achieved such goals in such activities should set themselves more demanding goals. For women, the minimum acceptable standards are: (a) walking twenty-seven miles in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 15 lbs. (b) running twenty-six miles in four and a half hours; (c) cycling one hundred and seventy miles in twelve hours.]

3) Undertake the ‘Secret Task’ as given in the Secret Tasks MS.

4) Study, construct and learn to play the advanced form of The Star Game.

5) Study Aeonics and the principles of Aeonic Magick, as detailed in Order MSS.

6) Study, and if possible practice, Esoteric Chant, as detailed in Order MSS [ particularly in Naos].

7) Study the esoteric traditions of The Dark Tradition, and if so inclined [see ‘Concerning The Nexion’ below] instruct your Temple members in this tradition.

8) Prepare for, and undertake, the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept – if necessary choosing someone to run the Nexion in your absence.

Concerning The Nexion:

The Temple [aka Nexion] must be run for a minimum of six months, as you yourself must seek out, recruit, instruct and train, the members of this Temple. There must be at least four other members, excluding yourself and your companion, during these six months, as you must strive to obtain an equal balance between men and women if the Temple is so orientated toward heterosexuality. It is at your discretion whether or not you are honest about your intentions, and inform recruits/potential recruits that this Temple is one of your tasks as an External Adept, and that you yourself are not yet very advanced along the Left Hand Path. If you choose not to so inform your members, you must play the appropriate role. If you are considering keeping and expanding the Temple beyond the minimum period and into the next stage, that of Internal Adept, it is more practical to be honest from the outset. The crux is to decide whether you wish your Temple to be solely for your own External Adept purpose, or whether you want it be truely sinister, with your members guided by you to become sincere and practising dark sorcerers. If this latter, then you must be honest with them about your own progress along the path, and instruct them according to ONA tradition.

After this six months is over – with four or more members and many ceremonial rituals having been performed – you may disband the Temple, if you consider sufficient experience has been gained in magick/manipulation/pleasuring. However the time limit of six months, and the minimum of four other members, must be observed, otherwise the task is not completed, and the next stage – Internal Adept – is not possible. This particular task, of an External Adept, is only complete when these minimum conditions have been met, for such conditions are essential for practical ceremonial experience to be gained.

After these conditions have been met, you may opt to continue with, and expand, your Temple.

Understanding External Adept:

The tasks of an External Adept develope both magickal and personal experience, and from these a real, abiding, sinister character is formed in the individual. This character, and the understanding and skills which go with it, are the essential foundations of the next stage, that of the Internal Adept.

The Temple enables various character roles to be directly assumed, and further developes the magickal skills, and magickal understanding, an Adept must possess. Particularly important here is skill in, and understanding of, ceremonial magick. Without this skill and understanding, Aeonic magick is not possible. The Temple also completes the experiencing of confronting, and integrating, the anima/animus.

From the many and diverse controlled and willed experiences, a genuine self-learning arises: the beginnings of the process of “individuation”, of esoteric Adeptship. [ See, for some basic exoteric guidance, the Order MS Adeptship – Its Real Meaning and Significance.]

The stage of External Adept lasts from two to six years.

IV – Internal Adept

The basic task of an Internal Adept is to strive to fulfil their personal Destiny – that is, to presence the dark force by acting sinister in the real world, thus affecting others, and causing changes in accord with the sinister dialectic of change. This personal Destiny is revealed, or becomes known, before or during the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept.

The Destiny is unique, and involves using the natural, and developed character and abilities of the individual. For some, the Destiny may be to continue with their Nexion, teaching others, and guiding them in their turn along the Seven-Fold Way. For others, the Destiny may be creative, in the artistic or musical sense – presencing the sinister through new, invented and performed forms or works. For others, the Destiny may be to acquire influence and/or power, and using these to aid /produce sinister change in accord with the sinister dialectic. For others, it may involve some heretical/adversarial or directly revolutionary or disruptive role, and thus seeking to change society. For others, the Destiny may be specific and specialized – being a warrior, or an assassin….. There are as many Destinies as there Adepts to undertake them. [For a text appropriate to one such Destiny, see the ONA MS Warriors of The Dark Way.]

While this Destiny is unfolding, the Adept will be increasing their esoteric knowledge and experience through a study and practice of Esoteric Chant, The Star Game, Aeonic Magick. Rites such as those of the Nine Angles will be undertaken. A complete and reasoned understanding of Aeons, Civilizations and other forms will be achieved, and with it the beginnings of wisdom.

After many years of striving to fulfil their Destiny, and after many years of experience and learning, the Adept will be propelled toward the next stage of the Way [ see, for some basic exoteric guidance, the MS Mastery – Its Real Meaning and Significance; and the MS The Abyss where what occurs during Internal Adept is described.] When the time is right, the Grade Ritual of Master/Mistress will be undertaken. The time is right only after the Adept has spent years completing themselves, and their ‘self-image’, having taken themselves to and beyond their limits – physical, mental, intellectual, moral, emotional. Being genuine Adepts, they will have the insight, and the honesty, to know what experiences, and what knowledge, they lack – and accordingly will seek to undergo such experiences, and learn such knowledge.

The stage of Internal Adept lasts from five to eleven years.

V – Master/Mistress

The fundamental tasks of this Grade are threefold:

1) The guiding of suitable individuals along the Seven-Fold Way, either on an individual basis, or as part of a structured Nexion/Temple/group;

2) The performance of Aeonic Magick to aid the sinister dialectic;

3) The creation of new forms to enhance conscious understanding and to aid the presencing of acausal/sinister forces.

Further, and importantly, a Master/Mistress will be using their Aeonic understanding, and their skills to influence/bring about changes in the societies of their time – this is Aeonic Magick, but without “ritual”, as described in Parts III and IV of The Deofel Quartet and in texts such as Eulalia, Dark Daughter of Baphomet. They will also be working to create long-term change (of centuries or more).

Few individuals reach the stage of Master/Mistress – so far, only one to two individuals a century, out of all the genuine esoteric traditions, have gone beyond the stage of Master/Mistress to that of Grand Master/Grand Mistress.

The stage of Master/Mistress lasts a minimum of seven years – when sufficient Aeonic works are completed/achieved, and wisdom attained, there is a moving toward the next stage, that of Grand Master/Grand Mistress.


Appendix – The Secret Tasks of the Sinister Way

     The secret tasks have remained secret for a long time by virtue of their nature – they represent genuine dark sorcery in action and as such often are “a-moral”. Such esoteric tasks were revealed to an Initiate by the Master, or Adept, guiding and training that Initiate.

To understand the nature of these tasks, it is necessary for the sinister novice to be familiar, and in agreement with, the secret teachings themselves, particularly as these relate to culling. [These teachings are contained in such traditional Order MSS as Culling – A Guide to Sacrifice and Guidelines for the Testing of Opfers. For a long time, the matters mentioned in the above secret MSS were transmitted only on an oral basis – it being forbidden for such teachings and practices to be written down or divulged to non-Initiates. However, as explained elsewhere, in several other MSS, this practice has now changed.

Accordingly, this present MS will detail the secret tasks which a sinister novice must undertake as part of their commitment to The Dark Tradition. That is, these hitherto secret tasks – like the other tasks detailed in the MS A Complete Guide to the Seven-Fold Way – are both required and necessary: mandatory if progress is to be made upon the Way. Without them, there can be no genuine achievement along the Way, for it is such tasks which develope that character and those abilities which are sinister and which thus represent the presencing of the dark forces on Earth via the agency (or vehicle) of the individual sorcerer. These secret tasks – and the other tasks – represent the way of dark sorcerer. They are sinister. As such, they a fitting only to a minority: to those who are, or those who desire to become, sinister in a practical way. Some who profess to be sinister – and some who wish to become sorcerers of The Dark Tradition – will hear of these tasks, or read them, and be surprised, perhaps even appalled, particularly by the tasks that involve hunting and killing animals and culling human dross. Such people will say or write such things as “Such tasks are not necessary”. By saying or writing such things such people condemn themselves as mundanes – as “ordinary” and weak – as they will show they lack the demonic desire, the hardness, the toughness, the darkness which all genuine sinister novices possess or must develope. The Dark Way is at it is – dark, and dangerous, and full of diabolic ecstasies and diabolic triumphs over the “ordinary”, the mundane and those who would keep everyone in servitude and thrall. So it is, so has it been, and so shall it continue to be – to enable evolution, to create what must be created, while the fearful majorities in their sloth, delusions and ignorance continue their morbid, Nazarene-like, sub-human existence.

As has been stated many times, genuine dark sorcery requires commitment – it requires self-effort, by the novice, over a period of years. It involves genuine ordeals, the achievement of difficult goals, the participation in pleasures, and the living of life in certain ways. Only thus are self-insight and genuine Occult ability born – only thus is a genuine Adept created.


Before Initiation – and after undertaking the first task of a neophyte as given in the Guide – undertake the following task:

* Find an area where game is plentiful and, equipping yourself with either a cross-bow or an ordinary bow (a longbow) hunt/stalk some suitable game, and make a kill. Skin and prepare this game yourself (if necessary – for example, a pheasant – ‘hanging’ the game until it is ready). When prepared and ready, cook and eat this game.

“Game” in this context means wild edible birds or animals such as venison, hare, rabbit, partridge, pheasant, wildfowl. For this task, you are undertaking the role of hunter, using primitive weapons. (Guns cannot be used for this task.) After completing this hunting task, either undertake the next task as given below – which is not obligatory – or repeat the task above, choosing a different type of game.

* Undertake, as a solo hermetic working, either the traditional Mass of Heresy (suitably adapted for such an hermetic rite), and then, nine days later, the Rite of Defiance.

Note: Both the Mass of Heresy and the Rite of Defiance are intentionally heretical in our times; as well as being means of catharsis, and providing a practical means whereby those undertaking them can develope a sinister-empathy with that which and those whom are currently regarded, by Magians and mundanes and in a very practical way, as “evil” and deserving of approbation.


After the rite or ceremony of your Initiation, and following the completion of the tasks as given in the Guide, you should choose and undertake, for between six to eighteen months, an Insight Role [see the MS An Introduction to Insight Roles – 119yf edition].

External Adept:

The following two tasks must both be undertaken successfully.

1) With your Temple formed as one of your External Adept tasks – see the Guide – perform both the Mass of Heresy and The Rite of Defiance.

2) Train several members, and yourself, in the undertaking of the tests relevant to choosing an opfer. Select some suitable candidates for the post of opfer, using sinister guidelines for so selecting an opfer, and undertake the relevant tests on each chosen candidate. The opfer or opfers having been so chosen by failing such tests, perform The Death Ritual using the chosen opfer(s) in the central role. Thereafter, and having completed all the necessary preparations, select a further opfer using Aeonics or sinister strategy as a guide, and undertake The Ceremony of Recalling [see The Grimoire of Baphomet].

It must be stressed that (i) the opfer(s) must be chosen according to sinister principles as given in the appropriate Order MSS; (ii) those so chosen must be tested according to sinister principles as given in the appropriate Order MSS. Furthermore, the candidates for the position of opfer can be chosen either by you, or suggested by a member of your Temple, if those members are following the sinister path in a committed way.

Beyond External Adept, there are no secret tasks of a prescribed nature, for those following the sinister path to undertake.


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